Anglican Church of St Hugh Inala and Durack
Church Services Every Sunday 08:15 Church Service - St Hugh’s Church 10:15 Eucharist - Aveo Auditorium Every Wednesday 09:00 Church Service - St Hugh’s Church If there is a 5th Sunday in a calendar month, then a joint service will be held at the Aveo Auditorium at 09:00 St Hugh’s Church - 105 Poinsettia Street, Inala Aveo Auditorium - Forest Grove Retirement Village 356 Blunder Road, Durack
St Hugh’s Prayer Circle
Neil: 0420 936 190
Two prayers to pray daily: A prayer for Australia written by Aboriginal leader, Brooke Prentis: May the God of all wonder who set the stars in the sky, bless you with relentless unsettledness – that drives you to seek truth. May the God of all justice who gave motion to the rivers, bless you with righteous anger – that drives you to seek freedom for all. May the God of all love who placed laughter in the kookaburra, bless you with the friendship – that looks like the love where one lays down their life for another. May the God of all comfort who determined the height of the mountains, bless you with tears from shared pain and mourning – that shows you hope. Now with wonder, righteous anger, sacrifice, and lament – Go in truth, justice, love, and hope – to Change The Heart of Australia. A prayer for the Anglican Church in Southern Queensland: Living God, creator, redeemer strengthener: enliven, guide and strengthen your Church in all you send us to do. By your Holy Spirit enable us to grow – in faith, in service, in generous giving; and add to your Church new disciples that your saving, reconciling, recreating work may go forward, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
105 Poinsettia Street, Inala